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We are connecting capital to real estate throughout the whole real estate life cycle in major markets in Europe.

Investors looking to acquire real estate need access to transaction opportunities ideally off-market. We originate opportunities for acquisitions of single properties, portfolios or developments matching both conservative and opportunistic strategies. Through close relationships to investors, owners and developers in 12 European markets we uncover real estate up for sale beyond the traditional channels, and support the transaction until closing.

Owners planning to sell properties or developments need a highly targeted investor approach. Specialized in selling all major product types, we maintain an extensive global network of institutional and semi-institutional investors with various strategies and risk profiles. To foster the most appropriate buyer response we address investors accordingly and support owners throughout the sales process to achieve the best price points and a time efficient execution.

Investors and owners looking to finance or refinance acquisitions or developments need quick access to financing sources and flexible terms, especially when timing is of the essence. With strong relationships to national and international lenders we connect clients to both traditional and alternative non-bank lending sources with a wide array of pricing and terms including senior debt, subordinated loans, bridge loans and mezzanine financing.

Investors looking for joint venture partners need access to the right co-investor, capital partner or operator/developer either in early stages of a project, or in a timely fashion to quickly acquire off-market opportunities. Through our extensive global network and our detailed knowledge of our clients’ investment and operational strategies, we efficiently access equity capital sources and connect future joint venture partners with matching investment objectives to support our client’s growth strategies.

Learn how we work.

Learn how we work.